Accelerate adoption of Webflow for social impact


No-code tools have extraordinary potential to improve delivery of social impact. Webflow is our favourite no-code tool. So, how can we encourage charities and other social impact organisations to use Webflow? How can we help them use it more effectively?


Start: 1pm, Monday 10th November

End: 11am, Friday 14th November


There are three judges, each judging for 3 awards.

Each project can supply:

Considerations - please choose your preferred project for each of these prizes:

😇 The Impact Award: Which project delivers most social impact, as it currently is?

💰 The Further Investment Award: Which project is most deserving of an extra 10 days investment by the SIDE team, to further push the idea?

❤️ The WOW Award: Which project steals your heart? Which project has most wow?


Each prize (😇, 💰 and ❤️) has a prize of £150. For example, if your team wins two of the three awards, you’ll have £300 to share between the team members.

What is the SIDE Away Week?